8:16 PM 02/05/22       Barrel Race America, Version 12.6               Page 1   
         Copyright (C) 2004-2016 by Charlie Horse Ranch Timing Systems          
                    Producer: 54 CCOBRA, Show Date: 02/05/22                    
                   Contact: Jo Lynn Alexander   (520)906-9133                   
                  Location: Marana Heritagearena , Marana, AZ                   
                         ACBRA Table 1 Jackpot in Open                       
Paying to 10 placings, Jackpot Total = $ 14500.00, Rider count = 350         
     1D Time = 15.269, Placings = 23, Pool = $ 2900.00                       
     2D Time = 15.769, Placings = 71, Pool = $ 2900.00                       
     3D Time = 16.269, Placings = 66, Pool = $ 2900.00                       
     4D Time = 16.769, Placings = 30, Pool = $ 2900.00                       
     5D Time = 17.269, Placings = 57, Pool = $ 2900.00                       
                     Not Placed = 103                                        
                               1D Placings                                   
   1st 15.269 $580.00         MINDY GOEMMER on FANCY                         
   2nd 15.278 $522.00         KAILEE MURDOCK on MP HAY ITS HOTN HERE         
   3rd 15.367 $435.00         AMY SANBORN on LISAS BUGS*                     
   4th 15.386 $363.00         KAILEE MURDOCK on LITTLE DASHN NICK            
   5th 15.460 $290.00         KELLI KAMM on DASH TA COWBOY                   
   6th 15.462 $232.00         SAVANNAH WOODFIN on A SHINING SWEET RIDE       
   7th 15.498 $174.00         DARIAN RAUPERS on STREAKAFAME                  
   8th 15.511 $116.00         MOLLY FISHER on SKYDUSTERS DARLIN              
   9th 15.571 $102.00         STACEY PADILLA on FRENCHMANS JULE BAR          
  10th 15.589 $ 87.00         KRISTIN BRASHEARS on KB FERGIES ON FIREWATER*  
  11th 15.617                 SUSAN SIGGINS on HORSE 1                       
Tie    15.617                 JORDAN KIRCHER on CHEYENNE CRICKET             
Tie    15.617                 CALLIE RIOS on TR BLAZIN BADGER                
  14th 15.629                 MACKENZIE KING on A SWINGING CAT A REY         
  15th 15.642                 LINDSEY REED on NW DASHIN DRIFT                
  16th 15.666                 KAYLEE BARKER on GET YOUR FAME ON              
  17th 15.677                 BAILEY STANTON on BOGIE                        
  18th 15.683                 CAMILLE MORRIS on ROO                          
  19th 15.692                 BRANDI CROWE on COAL                           
  20th 15.703                 COURTNEY CLINE on FIREWATER AND GOLD           
  21st 15.751                 JAN KORTSEN on PABLO                           
  22nd 15.756                 JORDAN BAILEY on JUDGE MY CLASS                
  23rd 15.766                 KAILEE MURDOCK on FRENCH ICE                   
                               2D Placings                                   
   1st 15.772 $580.00         SYDNEY PLUMB on ROMAN*                         
   2nd 15.777 $522.00         AVA PACKOUZ on HOOEY                           
   3rd 15.782 $435.00         CARMEN POZZOBAN on RIPP                        
   4th 15.788 $363.00         ALESHA DAVIS on JAKE                           
   5th 15.812 $290.00         ALLISON RESOR on SLIDER                        
   6th 15.815 $232.00         VANESSA LEGGETT on WHISKEY                     
   7th 15.838 $174.00         SIDNEY GRAVES on TWR DOCS JESSIE RAY           
   8th 15.841 $116.00         JULI MILLER on KISS                            
   9th 15.843 $ 94.00         KAILEE MURDOCK on PLATINUM ON THE ROCKS        
Tie    15.843 $ 94.00         KYLA SIMMONS on RIME                           
  11th 15.854                 MERYN MURRAY on JESS MERRIED                   
8:16 PM 02/05/22       Barrel Race America, Version 12.6               Page 2   
                         ACBRA Table 1 Jackpot in Open                       
  12th 15.855                 BRIDGET CALLAGHAN on KENO SUB BLURR*           
  13th 15.856                 DANIELLE MCFADDDEN on PROUDEST JETOLENA        
  14th 15.861                 SUSAN SIGGINS on HORSE 2                       
  15th 15.878                 JORDAN KIRCHER on SR J LO ROCKS                
  16th 15.889                 AUBREE HOERNING on DASHING RENE DAN            
  17th 15.892                 KIM MACRAE on SHAKER                           
  18th 15.910                 FRED HUNTER on WOODY BEE                       
  19th 15.916                 AVA PACKOUZ on DYNA                            
  20th 15.919                 BRENNA BROWN on GUY STORM CLOUD                
  21st 15.922                 MARY HUDSON on STARLET O HEIRA                 
  22nd 15.928                 AUGIE NOBILE on JEWELS AND CORONA              
  23rd 15.956                 RENE AUDSLEY on WTR DOUBLE SHOT OF LENA        
  24th 15.960                 EMILY SARGENT on MP HAYDAYS DOLL               
  25th 15.962                 CARRIE JANKEE on SJR DIAMOND ANGOLENA          
  26th 15.965                 SHYAH SMITH on SHE BEE A THIRFTWOOD            
  27th 15.974                 CARRIE JANKEE on BS DASHIN SIX FRENCHMAN       
  28th 15.975                 JODY TUCKER on KG AZURE CASHIN CHEX            
  29th 15.984                 JILL FERDINA on STREAKING FOR LIBERTY          
  30th 16.003                 COURTNEY CLINE on IM WALKIN ON CHECKS          
  31st 16.006                 SHANNON CUFF on ROCK AND ROLL TRACK            
  32nd 16.020                 KATIE KIRILA on CHICS MERADA                   
  33rd 16.047                 PAMELA ROSS on FANTASYS CONQUEST               
Tie    16.047                 REBECCA KENNER on DFM COWBOY CHIP              
  35th 16.048                 LEXIE MILLER on LADY                           
  36th 16.056                 DIANE SKOCDOPOLE on ID HOLLAS FRENCH MAN       
Tie    16.056                 LINDSEY REED on HOTTEST MISSION                
  38th 16.071                 TYRA STARKEY on BOO BOO                        
Tie    16.071                 SIDNEY GRAVES on HS HICKORY LENA               
  40th 16.093                 CHEKEA DRIEDGEL on BUCK NICKID                 
  41st 16.096                 BRE MARTINO on MOE                             
  42nd 16.098                 CINDY WELLING on SR MY LUCKY JASPER*           
  43rd 16.101                 GRACE KNAUP on POVERTYS MORNING GLORY          
Tie    16.101                 CHERYL MURRAY on BLAZIN RUBY ROCKET            
  45th 16.110                 ANNETTE MITCHELL on THAT WOODYBOY              
  46th 16.112                 BRENDA FARBO on LITTLE MAN REB*                
  47th 16.130                 EMILY HADDON on BLANTONS JET ON*               
  48th 16.137                 CORTNEY GAVED on RED BUGS CREDIT               
  49th 16.138                 JILL FERDINA on DAPHNE DE GUY                  
  50th 16.146                 TAYLE BRINK on OBRYANS RUSTY OAKS              
  51st 16.147                 KELTON LITTLE on MALIBU                        
  52nd 16.155                 JENNIFER HERZOG on KING                        
  53rd 16.161                 YVETTE VEGA on FEATHER                         
  54th 16.173                 DANIELLE MCFADDDEN on BLAZIN COUGAR TOWN       
  55th 16.174                 MORGAN PAGEL on LL FAMES ROYAL MOON            
  56th 16.181                 DARIAN RAUPERS on CHASIN LUKE                  
  57th 16.183                 GRACE KNAUP on FIREWATER JET DASH              
  58th 16.195                 REBECCA KENNER on DRAGON BUNZ                  
  59th 16.197                 KARSEN JACKSON on BOO                          
  60th 16.202                 ALEXIS WOFFORD on MAIZY*                       
Tie    16.202                 BRANDI CROWE on CHARLOTTE                      
8:16 PM 02/05/22       Barrel Race America, Version 12.6               Page 3   
                         ACBRA Table 1 Jackpot in Open                       
  62nd 16.205                 CARRIE JANKEE on XTRA CATALISIONS              
  63rd 16.206                 JILL STARKEY on BIG SHINES IMAGE               
  64th 16.221                 MEGAN ALBRECHT on MCA MOVE IT BABY             
  65th 16.231                 AMY BROCHU-TRIPP on SHELDON                    
  66th 16.234                 AMANDA SOMERVILLE on CASH ME OUT IN TENS       
  67th 16.241                 ALEXIS MCGUIRE on JUNIOR*                      
  68th 16.247                 JESSICA LEACH on KAREN                         
  69th 16.248                 SKYLA TEEL on KITTY*                           
  70th 16.253                 KELLY ARIZMENDI on FAMOUS BLAZIN IVY           
  71st 16.255                 BRITTANY BISHOP on SHEZA DASHING BUG           
                               3D Placings                                   
   1st 16.291 $551.00         BRIDGET CALLAGHAN on RIO*                      
Tie    16.291 $551.00         XENA UNDERWOOD on GAMBLER+*                    
   3rd 16.295 $435.00         JORDAN KIRCHER on AIRR JORDAN                  
   4th 16.300 $363.00         MADILYN TODD on FLINGIN DINERO                 
   5th 16.302 $232.00         CANDICE CHINTIS on BLISS*                      
Tie    16.302 $232.00         AMANDA RADFORD on FLINGIN BLUE SAFIRE          
Tie    16.302 $232.00         COURTNEY KIBLER on SPEEDY DINERO               
   8th 16.309 $116.00         KRISTIN BRASHEARS on SO DASHN TO THE DISCO     
   9th 16.316 $102.00         CATHRYN VINEYARD on CINNEMAX                   
  10th 16.322 $ 87.00         CODY CLARK on ECLIPSE                          
  11th 16.328                 CHRIS ROANHORSE on CDR IMA SPICEY FRENCHMAN    
  12th 16.335                 DARIAN RAUPERS on RSL IMA RECKLESS KAT         
  13th 16.336                 SUZI ROARK on TWISTER*                         
Tie    16.336                 SUZANN BENE on I AM OUT OF CASH                
  15th 16.345                 CATHY RUIZ on EXPRESSLANE TA FAME*             
  16th 16.348                 MARY HUDSON on COLONELS RAISIN CAIN            
  17th 16.352                 AMY BOWDITCH on PLAYA                          
Tie    16.352                 MEGAN ALBRECHT on JD LEO                       
  19th 16.353                 KATHY DEVRIES on JESSIE JANE*                  
  20th 16.376                 MARIAH BOLAND on LOLA+*                        
  21st 16.378                 LACEY TRIPLETT on FUEGO                        
  22nd 16.396                 SHEA NAHRGANG on BROWNS BROTHER MARTY          
  23rd 16.397                 KAYLEE BARKER on SMART LITTLE RENO             
Tie    16.397                 WANDA DENHAM on DDD FEAR ROCKETTE              
  25th 16.414                 MALINA TRAVIS on NOLA                          
Tie    16.414                 ALEXIS MCGUIRE on BAM BAM*                     
  27th 16.419                 MCKINLEE KELLETT on HERE TO ROCKN STREAK       
  28th 16.428                 SHANNON CUFF on PS LAST ROCKER STANDN          
Tie    16.428                 LEXIE MILLER on NIKKI                          
  30th 16.431                 CORTNEY GAVED on GOODBY ITS SHOWTIME           
Tie    16.431                 AMY BOWDITCH on DAZZLE                         
  32nd 16.432                 CIARRA ARZAGA on SISSY*                        
Tie    16.432                 KAT THOMPSON on MARVIN                         
  34th 16.433                 SERENA HUBBELL on TOOTS                        
  35th 16.434                 TRACI DENBROK on SHES IVORY GIRL               
  36th 16.435                 TAYLOR TRAPP on LETTA CHANCE KISS YA           
  37th 16.452                 SERENA HUBBELL on FRANCISCO                    
  38th 16.462                 CANDY BROWN on PB PIECES OF EIGHT*             
8:16 PM 02/05/22       Barrel Race America, Version 12.6               Page 4   
                         ACBRA Table 1 Jackpot in Open                       
  39th 16.492                 CASSANDRA PETERS on DUCATI                     
  40th 16.493                 EILEEN GERAGHTY on BRIMMEN SUB SHEA*           
  41st 16.499                 KRISTIN BRASHEARS on SIX MOON STREAKER         
  42nd 16.500                 JORDAN KIRCHER on TWO MORE SHOTS               
  43rd 16.511                 AMANDA THORPE on JUST A LITTLE FAMOUS          
  44th 16.540                 AMANDA HAWORTH on DASH OF ROYAL MAJIC          
  45th 16.542                 FAITH HOLYAN on TIMBER                         
  46th 16.543                 SERENA HUBBELL on FELINA                       
  47th 16.556                 CARLA JACOBS on ANNIE*                         
  48th 16.557                 MARY MURPHY on FAITHFUL N FAMOUS*              
  49th 16.569                 JILL STARKEY on GRIMM                          
  50th 16.580                 MARNI HAMACK on CRANBERRY                      
  51st 16.594                 ROBIN ARMOUR on LF KEY TA FAME*                
  52nd 16.597                 LINDSEY REED on TWINKLE POP                    
  53rd 16.614                 SYDNEY PLUMB on CHILE*                         
  54th 16.628                 REINA ROMERO on PROFITS N MY POCKET            
  55th 16.629                 BOBBI SCHAD on ROADIE*                         
  56th 16.638                 MARNI HAMACK on FIREBALL                       
  57th 16.648                 CELENE JONES on TWISTED SISTER                 
  58th 16.655                 SUZI ROARK on REBEL*                           
  59th 16.667                 PAIGE EVANS on GMONEY                          
  60th 16.682                 HAYDEN ZACK on SWINGER                         
  61st 16.692                 ARLINDA PERRY on STRAWBERRY                    
  62nd 16.716                 RENEE BAUKNECHT on QT OREO KIDD                
  63rd 16.718                 CORTNEY GAVED on BLAZIN CAT                    
  64th 16.738                 AMANDA SMITH on BIG PIMPIN                     
  65th 16.743                 DEANNA REX on VIPPER*                          
  66th 16.759                 DEANNA REX on SIS*                             
                               4D Placings                                   
   1st 16.775 $580.00         DANLI VALDEZ on RO DUAL PEP CHEX               
   2nd 16.778 $522.00         ANDREA FAULKNER on DARYLS SHOWGIRL             
   3rd 16.783 $435.00         BREN ROSE-CARTER on FOX                        
   4th 16.845 $363.00         DIANE SKOCDOPOLE on JG HECTORS SYLVESTER       
   5th 16.863 $290.00         KELLI HEIDT on IRIS DIAMOND JOE                
   6th 16.904 $232.00         SUZY TORREY on CINCO                           
   7th 16.929 $174.00         KELTON LITTLE on BUG                           
   8th 16.936 $116.00         CARMEN POZZOBAN on HOT SAUCE                   
   9th 16.956 $102.00         BREEANN HOERNING on BLANS FRENCH FAME          
  10th 16.958 $ 87.00         KARSEN JACKSON on MP A DECADENT MOON           
  11th 16.967                 SARA STADNYK on KC GOLDMINE KID                
  12th 16.975                 ALEXA ANDRADE on COSMO*                        
  13th 16.979                 CATHRYN VINEYARD on JJ                         
  14th 16.988                 KALLIE BRANNON on MAYBE                        
  15th 17.001                 ABBY HOWE on KODA                              
  16th 17.016                 RYLIN MEDCOFF on PV DOCLENAS FROST*            
  17th 17.026                 ALEXA ANDRADE on SMOKE                         
  18th 17.051                 JACKIE SEWARD on THE GIRLS GOT RHYTHM          
  19th 17.065                 LEXIE MILLER on SHORTY                         
  20th 17.081                 MARLA ALEXANDER on BLUES SUGAR BANDIT          
8:16 PM 02/05/22       Barrel Race America, Version 12.6               Page 5   
                         ACBRA Table 1 Jackpot in Open                       
  21st 17.086                 RACHAEL LACY on BANDITA                        
  22nd 17.096                 KARLEE MCKENZIE on IM A LITTLE CHEXY           
  23rd 17.124                 KENNA RADFORD on APRIL FOOLS                   
  24th 17.142                 ZENIDA OLIVAR on LITTLE JOE*                   
  25th 17.159                 COURTNEY BUREL on MS SMALL TOWN BELLE          
  26th 17.169                 MARIA BURNHAM on WRANGLER                      
  27th 17.200                 TERI MURPHY on ABBIE*                          
  28th 17.246                 KIARA BEGAY on KC                              
  29th 17.251                 RYLIN MEDCOFF on FERRARI*                      
  30th 17.256                 CAMI SCHLAPPY on FORMAL DRESS CODE*            
                               5D Placings                                   
   1st 17.328 $580.00         ALEXA DEVERE on FREIGHT TRAIN                  
   2nd 17.371 $522.00         MORGAN PAGEL on PEPPY LENA STARLIGHT           
   3rd 17.384 $435.00         STACEY PADILLA on THAT GIRL IS N FUEGO         
   4th 17.418 $363.00         CAMI SCHLAPPY on STRONG N BRITE*               
   5th 17.429 $290.00         PATTIE COLEMAN on MP DECKEDOUTTRIBLING         
   6th 17.430 $232.00         RYLEE KEARNS on ROPER                          
   7th 17.439 $174.00         MELYNDA STAMBACK on DITCHER*                   
   8th 17.479 $116.00         SUE LINDSEY on RAREN SUPER STEVE*              
   9th 17.495 $102.00         ROBIN ARMOUR on CD ROCKIN ROBIN*               
  10th 17.517 $ 87.00         KAYLI BELL on MURPHY                           
  11th 17.525                 LORILENE TODD on CASHIN WITH A KISS            
  12th 17.594                 MACY COMPTON on W BAR WHISKEY                  
  13th 17.600                 KAYLA MARCHELLO on MAGGIE                      
  14th 17.601                 CINDY CROSS on CISCO*                          
  15th 17.641                 JAYME FRAZIER on COOPER                        
  16th 17.644                 MINDY HALL on SPICY                            
  17th 17.672                 TERI SORACE on QUAGMIRE                        
  18th 17.753                 MICHELLE GALINDO on PURPLE SAGES IMAGE         
  19th 17.756                 STACI WHITE on 50 CENT*                        
  20th 17.766                 MAYA BADILLA on CIENNA+*                       
  21st 17.768                 SUE PITTULLO on SONIC 44                       
Tie    17.768                 JAMIE HANSEN on ON EAGLES WINGZ                
  23rd 17.780                 AUDREY PACKOUZ on DAISY                        
  24th 17.839                 COCO FARRAND on MAGIC                          
  25th 17.872                 JEANIE ALBRIGHT on RAYNA*                      
  26th 17.884                 LANCE HENRY on SANDY*                          
  27th 17.902                 CONNIE HIX on PRIVATE CHAT                     
  28th 17.916                 BONNIE ROCKO on CAN MAN                        
  29th 17.948                 PEYTON SMITH on BLAZE+*                        
Tie    17.948                 VALERIE YOUNG on STRYKER*                      
  31st 17.954                 TONI BOLAND on DRAIGO*                         
  32nd 17.965                 DUANE TWETEN on WENDY*                         
  33rd 18.021                 LARAE PEARCE on FRENCH STILETOS                
  34th 18.046                 LEAH MCDANIEL on SALLY                         
  35th 18.076                 DIANA PARIS on SEE F YOU LIKE ME*              
  36th 18.089                 STEPHANI BEMISS on PEPS DRIFTING LUCK          
  37th 18.227                 JENNA GALINDO on JOE T GARCIAS                 
  38th 18.279                 SUSAN SIGGINS on COCO                          
8:16 PM 02/05/22       Barrel Race America, Version 12.6               Page 6   
                         ACBRA Table 1 Jackpot in Open                       
  39th 18.359                 SOPHIE ROUTLEDGE on MAY                        
  40th 18.369                 MINDY GOEMMER on FLIRTY                        
  41st 18.444                 MANDIE DUNHAM on LUCKY*                        
  42nd 18.448                 ALEXIS MCGUIRE on MYSTERY*                     
  43rd 18.529                 DUSTY SHELTON on FELIX                         
  44th 18.695                 CAROLINE PENROD on ANNIE*                      
  45th 18.825                 BRENDA FARBO on PATRICK*                       
  46th 18.979                 KATHY DEVRIES on PEPPER*                       
  47th 19.030                 DARIAN RAUPERS on BLAZIN BRODY                 
  48th 19.281                 REBECCA KENNER on DONT STEW ON IT              
  49th 19.312                 AREENA ROGERS on CHROME                        
  50th 19.333                 JESSICA TAPPAN on PAULA*                       
  51st 19.707                 MANDIE DUNHAM on MOON*                         
  52nd 19.960                 JAMIE HANSEN on NICKS STREAKING FIRE           
  53rd 20.028                 IZZY SMITH on BLUE                             
  54th 20.630                 HEATHER NIXON on TITO*                         
  55th 21.057                 ERIN PETERSEN on DREAMER                       
  56th 21.756                 CARLA JACOBS on DANNY*                         
  57th 28.561                 CHRISTEN ROGERS on CHANCEY                     
N/T    400.000                NIKKI BALDAUF on LIL LEXI                      
N/T    400.000                KELLI KAMM on ROMEO                            
N/T    400.000                KALEIGH BEST on GRINGO                         
N/T    400.000                PAIGE BRUINS on OKLAHOMA SMOKIN LENA           
N/T    400.000                RYLEE KEARNS on HAWKEYE                        
N/T    400.000                MCKINLEE KELLETT on CHIPS AHOY                 
N/T    400.000                CHRIS ROANHORSE on SLICK BULL                  
N/T    400.000                KATHEE MARTIN on MAX                           
N/T    400.000                TRACI DENBROK on DOCS BAR TIME                 
N/T    400.000                PAIGE EVANS on GYPSY                           
N/T    400.000                TERI SORACE on NASH*                           
N/T    400.000                ALISSA JOHNSON on OH MY BROTHER                
N/T    415.253                SHANNA MEANS on KN DARK N FABULOUS             
N/T    415.380                MCKINLEE KELLETT on MARLA HOOOCH               
N/T    415.402                KIERSTEN PETTUS on GO FIREWATER STORMY         
N/T    415.407                JOCELYN FISKE on COOL WHIP                     
N/T    415.454                BRAELYN HENRY on JOLEE*                        
N/T    415.498                BRANDY MCPHEE on PABLO                         
N/T    415.582                DANNA STOVNER on GUYS ROX N ROLL               
N/T    415.598                KIARA BEGAY on RR NOTHIN BUT GOLD              
N/T    415.615                CIERRA ERICKSON on DTF DASH TA THAT            
N/T    415.642                JORDAN BAILEY on FLINGING DINERO               
N/T    415.644                SHARON HARRELL on BUG JET CAN DANCE            
N/T    415.683                JORDAN BAILEY on PC MARI THIS JUDGE            
N/T    415.729                KELLY ROBERTSON on FA                          
N/T    415.758                TAYLE BRINK on KATYBUG CORONA                  
N/T    415.762                DAWN VANDERSTEEN on JR ROYAL CASH              
N/T    415.810                ALEXIS WOFFORD on FAITH*                       
N/T    415.821                COURTNEY CLINE on RE PIC A FIRECRACKER         
N/T    415.884                JILL FERDINA on EDDIES COOKIN                  
N/T    415.887                KRISTIN BRASHEARS on EASY FLYIN FROSTY*        
8:16 PM 02/05/22       Barrel Race America, Version 12.6               Page 7   
                         ACBRA Table 1 Jackpot in Open                       
N/T    415.939                FRED HUNTER on METALLIC TOY                    
N/T    415.959                TAYLOR TRAPP on BUTTERS                        
N/T    415.966                BRIANA WIKER on SHOWTIME DIXIE*                
N/T    415.977                KENNA RADFORD on CB DAYTONAS HAYDAY            
N/T    415.983                DALLYS CASILLAS on HARLEY                      
N/T    415.992                CHERYL MURRAY on BRIMENA                       
N/T    416.021                KENNEDY COOK on LZM BLACK VALENTINE            
N/T    416.028                TAMMY BARNES on STAIRS TA FAME                 
N/T    416.040                DAWN VANDERSTEEN on CORONAS ROCKINTALENT       
N/T    416.051                ALEXIS MCGUIRE on CADILLAC                     
N/T    416.101                ASHLEY LAWSON on DASH TA FIREWATER             
N/T    416.103                HALLE DEWITT on CRUELLA                        
N/T    416.114                VEE GOLDEN on DOC HOLIDAY                      
N/T    416.117                ALLISON RESOR on RUNAWAY TIDE                  
N/T    416.164                BRIANNA YOUNG on HANK                          
N/T    416.275                RIATA GOEMMER on GOLD BUCKLE                   
N/T    416.283                APRIL WALLACE on SNOW ADVISORY                 
N/T    416.336                SIDNEY GRAVES on MAGNUM ROUGE                  
N/T    416.391                AMANDA THORPE on STARLIGHTS A JET              
N/T    416.442                ALEX MADSEN on BADGER                          
N/T    416.455                SARA STADNYK on COWBOYS SHADOW                 
N/T    416.493                DONNA MOODY on TURBO*                          
N/T    416.509                LIAT STEINBERG on JUST A TOUCH OF FAME         
N/T    416.509                FAITH HUDSON on A BAR OF FOOLS GOLD            
N/T    416.530                ALEXIS MCGUIRE on KING                         
N/T    416.547                BAILEY STANTON on DEB                          
N/T    416.549                JAYME FRAZIER on JAKE                          
N/T    416.574                CARLY TODD on ZEVIS MIDNIGHT KOAL              
N/T    416.583                CASSANDRA PETERS on LDB GUY TA CHICS           
N/T    416.587                MELINDA TRUJILLO on CR TOADALLYMADEFORME       
N/T    416.609                SUZI ROARK on LILLY*                           
N/T    416.618                RIATA GOEMMER on BROWN FROG                    
N/T    416.707                DALLY GOEMMER on GMAN                          
N/T    416.736                KENNEDI STINSON on DONNAS RED BADGER           
N/T    416.765                FRED HUNTER on METALLIC MOUSE                  
N/T    416.808                AMY BROCHU-TRIPP on BISHOP                     
N/T    416.851                GRY JOHANNESSEN on COUP*                       
N/T    416.858                BRITTANY BISHOP on FIRSTFLIGHT TAHEAVEN        
N/T    416.861                TAYLOR HORNE on FAMOUS WILLIS+*                
N/T    416.869                BRE MARTINO on LENAS ROYALTY                   
N/T    416.880                PAMELA ROSS on LF STREAKIN                     
N/T    416.884                CHEYENNE MESCH on PLAY FAIR HAIL               
N/T    416.899                CATHY RUIZ on CDB SPECIAL EFFORT*              
N/T    417.007                CAULINA MCNABB on DELIGHT                      
N/T    417.017                KELLI KAMM on STREAKIN WITH CASH               
N/T    417.067                BRANDEE TWETEN on SHOWGIRL*                    
N/T    417.248                KELLY FOWLER on FLICKS*                        
N/T    417.271                PAIGE BRUINS on FIRST JETTENN JEWEL            
N/T    417.314                CASSANDRA PETERS on BLAZE                      
8:16 PM 02/05/22       Barrel Race America, Version 12.6               Page 8   
                         ACBRA Table 1 Jackpot in Open                       
N/T    417.330                CALLIE MURRAY on LB SUM RED HANCOCK            
N/T    417.426                JANET BLISS on BLESSED BY TIME                 
N/T    417.534                TAMMY THOMPSON on SHEZ SMASHINGLY SMOOTH       
N/T    417.538                JANET ERICKSON on JL LIGHT ROC                 
N/T    417.583                TERI SORACE on PACO*                           
N/T    417.652                EBBIE HANSEN on ZEPHYR                         
N/T    417.678                TRACI CLARK on MARLY                           
N/T    417.722                CARI KEATING on MIGHTY MOUSE                   
N/T    417.744                JORDAN KIRCHER on TS HAYDAY DASHAIR            
N/T    417.808                MINDY OLNEY on SAMMY*                          
N/T    417.813                EBBIE HANSEN on ZUES                           
N/T    417.821                LYNDSAY BECK on GITTERDUNIT                    
N/T    417.920                DAVID TRACHSEL on CARSONS FRENCH DOC           
N/T    418.586                SIERRA MARCELLA on RF LEDME TO FORTUNE*        
N/T    419.100                DEANNA MCLAREN on JUNIOR                       
N/T    419.162                MEGAN ALBRECHT on WYATT LEO                    
N/T    419.236                TAMMI GROSSHEIM on MV BOONS BAR*               
N/T    419.267                TRACEY SCOTT on SWAMP DRAGON*                  
N/T    419.440                KENNEDY COOK on MISS N DEPENDENT               
N/T    419.994                ERIN PETERSEN on PEANUT                        
N/T    420.949                KRISTIN BRASHEARS on FRENCH MOONSHINE          
N/T    421.315                RANDI ANN RIMA on SHOOTER